Dual Enrollment Registration (Updated 5-25-17)
Posted On:
Thursday, May 25, 2017

Related Files: New_Student_Instructions_(2_Sided)_UPDATED_Corrected.pdf

Updated 5/25/17 - We received a registration checklist from Calhoun this morning.  Click the link above this announcement to access the document.  Please remember that the registration form referenced in the announcement below is still needed for PHS students.



Access the online application form at http://www.calhoun.edu/admissions/dual-enrollment-dual-credit/dual-enrollment-application-for-admission.

Once you have submitted the application, the forms you will need to complete enrollment will automatically upload.  In addition to those forms you will need a copy of your transcript and your ACT scores.  (Click here for the registration form specific to PHS students.  Use the other forms that automatically upload, but use the registration form for PHS.)

Current students do not need to reapply.

Registering now allows time to participate in the payment plan or avoid payment plan fees and simply pay a little on the account each month until it is due in August.

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