Morgan County Dress Code Policy
Posted On:
Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dress Code

The responsibility for appropriate dress and grooming rests with the parents. Parents and students should keep in mind that the reputation of the home, school, and community is reflected in dress, grooming, and behavior of students. Students' dress and grooming shall be appropriate for the classroom. Wearing apparel shall be such that it does not disrupt or distract the classroom atmosphere, or violate health and safety rules of the school. These minimum standards shall apply to all students in the public schools of Morgan County:

1. Students must be neatly dressed, clean and well groomed while at school.

2. Shoes or sandals must be worn.

3. Students shall not wear midriff shirts, tube tops, muscle shirts, tank tops, spandex, mesh, or fishnet garments, or backless, low-cut or strapless tops.

4. Shorts shall be permitted in grades K-12; however, in grades 5-12, shorts should be approximately knee length.

5. Miniskirts and mini dresses shall be prohibited.

6. Students shall not wear sunglasses inside the school building or on the school bus.

7. The wearing of clothing advertising alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or suggestive words or pictures or symbols of violence or death shall be prohibited.

8. Students shall not wear anything on their heads at anytime during the school day.

9. Oversized and baggy clothes shall be prohibited.

10. Any outer garment including but not limited to trench coats, long dusters, and full length/maxi coats shall be prohibited.

11. Disruptive or distracting body piercing or tattoos shall be prohibited.

12. Disruptive or distracting hair colors or styles shall be prohibited.

The Principal or his/her designee shall be the final judge as to neatness and cleanliness of wearing apparel and whether or not such apparel is appropriate, disruptive, distracting, or is in violation of health and safety rules.

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