Mission Statement  

OUR VISION: Morgan County Schools will provide opportunities for all students and employees to excel in learning, establish strong relationships, and foster positive leadership.

OUR MISSION: Every child a graduate. Every graduate prepared to lead.

OUR THEME: Connect.

Priceville High School's goal is to provide an education that meets the ever-changing needs of our students in a technologically oriented society. Students are given the opportunity to pursue varied academic paths that include vocational and college preparatory classes. The combination of vocational and college prep courses is designed to prepare students for entering the work force or pursuing a college degree or both. The school staff and administration encourages students to take a leadership role in the school by embracing the philosophy of lead, achieve, and succeed.

We believe…..

  • ALL students can learn. Teachers work to teach every child by organizing material to meet the different learning styles of each student.
  • strong student and teacher relationships will lead to student success. Strong relationships are the result of our ongoing Advisory/Mentoring program. Through this program, students are assigned to an Advisory teacher and remain with them throughout their high school career.  During that time, mentors strive to connect with students to strengthen that bond.
  • highly effective schools produce leaders prepared to be productive citizens. Teachers serve as positive role models for students by demonstrating Seven Habits behavior so that students can see learn to be productive members of society in whatever career path that they choose.
  • a safe and supportive learning environment promotes student achievement. Thanks to the support of our town council and county sheriff, we have a Student Resource Officer (SRO) on campus. Our SRO works to keep our campus safe and also communicates with students to foster a good relationship with them. He strives to earn the trust of our students so that they will be comfortable in talking with him if they encounter a problem at school or away from school.
  • a collaborative partnership between home, school, and community creates a culture that is essential for a healthy learning environment.  Teachers at PHS make regular contact with parents to keep them informed of how their child is doing at school. Through our Advisory program, students are assigned to a Mentor teacher for their entire high school career in hopes that a bond will be formed and the student will have a person that they feel comfortable talking to about problems that they encounter at or away from school. These Mentor teachers make regular contact with the parents of these students to ensure that there is a united effort to help students throughout their high school years.
  • educational programs and services should prepare our graduates to be college and/or career ready. Each year we work to add more advanced course options to our schedule. We currently offer honors English for all grades as well as Advanced courses in Math and Science, Advanced courses through ACCESS (online courses) and Dual Enrollment courses through Calhoun Community College. We also offer Career Tech courses through our system's Vocational School.


  About The School  

Alma Mater

Praise to thee dear Priceville High School
We will honor thee,
True and faithful to thy teachings,
We will ever be.

Ever onward, ever upward
We will never fail.
While we treasure this our motto,
Priceville High, All Hail!

Bring we now our hearts devotion
Not do we withhold.
Pledge allegiance to thy colors
To thy black and gold.

Ever onward, ever upward
We will never fail.
While we treasure this our motto,
Priceville High, All Hail!

Bus Riding Procedure

Procedure for riding the bus with another student:

  1. Bring a note from your parent including:
    * Your name
    * Name of student with which you intend to ride the bus
    * Phone numbers where your parents can be reached during the day
    * Parent Signature
  2. Take the note to the office early during the day and give it to Mrs. Bowen.
  3. Mrs. Bowen will contact your parent for verification.  Remember to pick up your approved note before you go to the bus.
  4. Give the note to the bus driver.

Student Sickness Procedure

Students: If you are not feeling well and think that you need to go home, you must first see Nurse Heather. Please DO NOT call your parents or anyone on your pick-up list to come get you. Nurse Heather must be the person to contact your parents. Thank you.